SearchWorks Search Types

Tracing & Investigations

SearchWorks has trace searches with flexible inputs for finding someone. Traces/Contact Info Searches are available from multiple Credit Bureaus.

The Traces can be made based on these flexible search criteria options:

  1. Name
  2. ID number (recommended if available)
  3. Date of birth and surname
  4. Phone number (cellphone or landline)

A trace result may contain the following information:

Personal Summary
This section includes the individual’s full name, ID number, date of birth, sex, marital status and ID status (alive or deceased).

Also Known As Names
Other recorded names at a credit bureau matching the search criteria are noted in this section with the date the information was recorded.

The last known residential addresses are provided, including an Update Date to indicate the age of the data displayed.

Telephone Numbers
The last known work, home and cell numbers are provided, including an Update Date to indicate the age of the data displayed.

The last known employers are provided, including an Update Date to indicate the age of the data displayed.

CIPC Records

Provides information about companies and organizations registered in South Africa.
The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) database stores information about all registered companies, including details about their directors and auditors.
Searches can be performed by providing a company name or registration number as search criteria.
Company search results may return the following information:

General company information
The company information returned will include the company’s current status, registration number, enterprise type, industry and registered address information when available. See ‘Notes’ section below for more information on the new formatting for company registration numbers.

Current and Previous directors
The director information returned includes the person’s name, ID number and directorship status.

Current and Previous auditors/account officers
The auditor/account officer information returned includes the name, professional code and number, address details and other important dates.

Capital/Contribution structure
Shares information is included when available.

History of changes
A history is included of all the changes made to the company’s profile since registration. This can include name and status changes, and directorship/membership change.

Court Documents

Find out about the details of a Judgment on an individual or company with the option to request a copy of the Judgment document.

Allows you to search for judgments and provides the option to request a copy of the judgment document. The copy of the judgment document will be returned immediately, saving time in obtaining all the details of the matter at hand.

A search can be performed on an individual or company by providing individual, company or case details as search criteria.

The result will list all known judgments. Each judgment will show plaintiff and defendant information as well as the nature, date and amount of the judgment.

Judgment document copies can be requested from a Judgment Enquiry result.

The document will be made available immediately and can be retrieved from the Judgment Enquiry result and the Judgment Copies document list which is accessible from the ‘Documents’ menu.

Credit Bureaus

With SearchWorks being a Registered Reseller Credit Bureau, we have the following Searches Types available.

  • Account Verification
  • Consumer Profile (including CPA & NLR Accounts and Payment Profiles when available)
  • Consumer Trace
  • Company Profile
  • Contact Info
  • Employment Confidence
  • ID Verification
  • Income Estimator
  • Linkage Detector
  • Spousal Verification

Trust Information

Find out about the details of a Trust and all Trustees Associated (if available)

A search can be performed on a Trust Name, Trust Number or Trustee ID Number.

SearchWorks allows you to search for Trust Information for Multiple Sources including Deeds and other 3rd Parties.

Property Information

SearchWorks Includes Property Related Searches from Multiple Sources. Our Deeds Office Searches are always LIVE, but we do have Offline Deeds Searches available at a lower cost.

  • Company Searches
  • Estate
    • Report
    • Owners In Scheme
  • Interactive MAP
  • Property Conversions
    • ERF to Street
    • Scheme to Street
    • Scheme to Erf
  • Person Searches
  • Property Searches
    • ERF
    • Farm
    • Holding
    • Sectional Scheme
  • Property History
    • Person
    • Company
    • Trust
  • Property Valuations
  • Sectional Schemes
    • Report
    • Owners In Scheme
  • Suburb Report
  • Trust Searches

Deeds Office Tracking System

Deeds Office Tracking System

Track the progress of a document as it moves through the registration process at the Deeds Office.

The Deeds Office Tracking System (DOTS) is a system that the Deeds Office uses to track the progress of documents.

Each document lodged at the Deeds Office has a barcode allocated to it. This barcode is scanned when the document moves from one stage in the Deeds Office process to the next.

The DOTS Search returns information on the status of a document as it moves through the registration process at the Deeds Office.

Searches can be performed by providing a document barcode, details of a person or company linked to the document or details of a property linked to the document as search criteria.

The search may return information such as:

  1. Property information associated with the document
  2. Seller information associated with the document
  3. Tracking information

DOTS Alerts

Automatically tracks documents through the registration process, sending an email on any change of the status at the Deeds Office.

You can automatically track a document at the Deeds Office!

There is no need to perform multiple DOTS searches to check if its status has changed. SearchWorks will send you an email on every change at the Deeds Office, telling you the latest status of the document at the Deeds Office.

Document Requests

With SearchWorks you can request/verify multiple different Documents Directly from their Source.

Deeds Office Tracking System

  • Electronic Copies
  • Certified Copies

Court Documents

Death Certificates

Deeds Office Documents

  • Title Deed (T)
  • Bonds (B)
  • Bond Cancellation (BC)
  • Sectional Title Transfers / Deeds (ST)
  • Sectional Bond Cancellation (SBC)
  • Sectional Title Bonds (SB)
  • Interdicts (I)
  • ANC (H)
  • and many more


  • Matric Certificate Verification
  • FAIS Status and DOFA
  • Drivers License Verification
  • PDP Verification
  • Qualification Check
  • Qualification Check (International)
  • Social Media Reports
    • Basic
    • Standard
    • Full
  • Vehicle Ownership Check

SG Diagrams (Surveyor General Diagrams)

Bank Codes

Account Verifications

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