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Data aggregation is our business.


We can provide you with over one hundred different reports from over twenty suppliers in a matter of seconds.

Leaders in our field.

We are perfectionists when it comes to clean and proper data. SearchWorks has more than twenty suppliers and we pride ourselves in choosing only the best, most reliable sources. All results are LIVE.

  • user friendly

    User Friendly

    Using years of feedback and support queries along with the latest UI Standards, we meticulously crafted a web interface that is not just clean, but also extremely easy to use.

  • cloud hosted

    Cloud Hosted

    Utilising Cloud Technology greatly increases the reliability and uptime of our application, this means you can carry on with business as usual without unnecessary interruptions.

  • api integration

    API Integration

    If you prefer to integrate SearchWorks directly into your own systems we offer a secure web service that can be tailored to your exact specifications.

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