Owned by leading fintech specialist e4, SearchWorks prides itself on its exceptional reputation and being a leader in the data industry.

With a user-friendly site, zero contracts or monthly fee’s you have nothing to lose, use us when you need us and only pay when you do.

Partnering with only the very best of service providers our data is of the highest quality. Utilising cloud technology increases our reliability and reduces any downtime, searches are done within seconds, proving you with the data you need instantly.

Through our dedicated resources and innovative team we have the ability to be as agile as our clients require, catering for those who need a more tailored approach and integration into internal systems.

With years of experience, our promise to our clients is that of an exceptional experience, from onboarding to dealing with our sales team.

SearchWorks - ensuring up to date, credible data that you can put your trust in.

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